Apply Science to Achieve Student Success

Alexander Kurz, PhD

Alexander Kurz, PhD

Associate Research Professor, Arizona State University

Did you know?  ReadyCoach technology is built on the application of the scientific method to solve real-world problems and the development of innovative technology to transform scientific breakthroughs into practical use for achieving student success.  


Science-Based, Science-Vetted. The research and development program undergirding ReachCoach was initially funded by the US Department of Education and developed by Rutgers University and Arizona State University in collaboration with many schools across the country. Five key studies have already provided substantial evidence to support the effectiveness of the ReadyCoach model. These studies have shown that the model has been found to improve instructional and behavioral management practices that maximize educators’ effectiveness in bolstering student achievement, reading, academic engagement and social behavior. 


Solving-Problems and Making a Difference. ReadyCoach is designed to directly address the needs of instructional coaches, interventionists, educators, special education professionals, administrators, RTI and MTSS teams in maximizing positive academic and behavioral outcomes for students. It’s the first and only platform of its kind using patent-pending algorithm technology and research-to-practice innovations that make it possible to:


  • Automate (i.e., approx. 60 seconds) the creation of student-focused, strength-based intervention groups (e.g., whole class, multi-tiered small group, individual) while simultaneously allowing for customization of these groups by teacher and specialist staff. This is achieved by ReadyCoach’s rapid import of various academic and behavioral assessment data already in use by a district (e.g., universal screener, benchmark/progress monitoring data) in literacy, behavior and social emotional learning, and dyslexia.


  • Accelerate staff capability to search for and identify research-based interventions from the ReadyCoach intervention library. Search capabilities include advanced filtering to specifically align interventions with individual, small group, and whole class literacy and behavioral needs and instructional goals. Moreover, ReadyCoach makes it possible to easily import behavior and academic interventions already in use by the district and customize them as needed to enhance their effectiveness.


  • Enhance multi-disciplinary team coordination and effectiveness in the identification of data-supported academic and behavioral goals, the timeframe in which goals are projected to be achieved, and the assignment and scheduling of interventions to facilitate goal-achievement. Moreover, ReadyCoach makes it possible for teams and individual staff to continuously monitostudent progress and intervention fidelity to help ensure that academic and behavior goals are achieved in a timely and efficient fashion.


  • Empower proactive, goal-directed decision-making through ReadyCoach real-time automated alerts that help to ensure intervention and enrichment activities occur in a timely fashion with fidelity, and that student progress and trends toward academic and behavioral goals occur as planned.



We are passionate about our work in helping to make a measurable difference in the lives of students and educators, and we welcome the opportunity to work with you and your learning community in exploring all that ReadyCoach has to offer.