ReadyCoach Multi-State Webinar: The First-of-its-kind Technology for School Leaders, Instructional Coaches and Teachers

Alexander Kurz, PhD

Alexander Kurz, PhD

Associate Research Professor, Arizona State University

We recently presented a multi-state webinar of ReadyCoach technology.  The webinar was led by the two Founders and principal researchers/developers of ReadyCoach; Linda Reddy, Ph.D. and Alexander Kurz, PhD, BCBA-D, along with Jason Feld, Ph.D. and CEO of ReadyCoach.

ReadyCoach is built on an ongoing collaboration between researchers at Rutgers University, Arizona State University, and practitioners at the classroom, school and district level. It is designed to maximize the impact of School Leaders, Instructional Coaches and Teachers on student success. This is achieved through built-in algorithms that provide assessment data insights, precise individual and tiered intervention groupings, and research-based reading and behavior interventions matched to student needs. The Ready Coach multi-level reports suite provides practical, actionable information to help facilitate student success. Who Can Use ReadyCoach? School Leaders, Instructional Coaches, Teachers, MTSS, RTI and Special Education teams, Paraprofessionals, and Curriculum and Assessment Directors.

 Key innovations of ReadyCoach technology presented at the webinar included:

·         Automated data uploads for several commonly used assessments in your district

·         Automated benchmarking of student data

·         Automated individual and tiered intervention grouping recommendations

·         Automated recommendations of built-in, research-based interventions

·         Automated reporting of current/predictive individual and intervention group progress

·         Automated monitoring of intervention fidelity