Professional Development

Professional Development Series

ReadyCoach professional development workshops are dynamic, hands-on trainings designed for school leaders, instructional coaches, educators, and/or parents of school-aged students. Our trainings can be customized for school-based groups, webinars, and virtual interactive platforms during the school year and summer.
Foundational ReadyCoach Training and Consultation
This interactive, hands-on workshop focuses on how to use the ReadyCoach Intervention Platform efficiently and effectively for improving reading and social behavior outcomes for all students during daily school routines. Attendees will learn:

Ongoing Implementation Fidelity Training and Consultation

This interactive, hands-on workshop is designed to support school personnel in using authentic school data and coaching cases in the ReadyCoach platform to achieve implementation fidelity and goal attainment for all students. The training aims to support and sustain interventions that work for students. Attendees will learn:

Ways to select, prioritize, and sequence interventions matched to student needs from the ReadyCoach intervention library

Insights on how data can be used to monitor and drive intervention fidelity and student outcomes

Methods for considering educational equity, diversity, and inclusion for students

Strategies to sustain research-based interventions and supports that work

End-of-Year Evaluation Training and Consultation

This interactive, hands-on workshop is designed to support school personnel in evaluating goal attainment, prioritizing professional development needs, and planning for school improvement going forward. The training aims to support effective evaluation and planning for school improvement. Attendees will learn:

Strategies to enhance school leadership planning and communications

How to use data to prioritize and plan professional growth and overall school improvement initiatives

Ways to recognize and sustain strengths for school personnel and students

Research-Based Reading Screening, Assessments, and Intervention Implementation Training

Students’ reading skills are critically important for school and life-long success. For struggling students, reading difficulties compound over time and impact their ability to succeed academically and socially in areas that extend beyond reading. Fortunately, reading difficulties can be identified using meaningful assessments and addressed with targeted, evidence-based reading interventions, thereby changing a student’s trajectory from struggling to striving. Building content expertise in the development of early reading skills and addressing them through intervention is essential for any educator responsible for reading instruction.

This interactive, hands-on workshop will focus on effective reading instruction and how to utilize research-based tools (e.g., assessments, interventions) that can improve students’ skills to learn to read and read to learn. Attendees will learn:

Which foundational early reading skills are essential for building successful and confident readers and why?

Why is it critical to measure student proficiency in foundational early reading skills with meaningful assessments?

What intervention plans are most effective in addressing students’ early reading skill needs?

Research-Based Behavior Intervention Training - Selecting and Implementing Interventions that Work

Cultivating student academic engagement and social behavior are essential for students’ school success and wellbeing. This interactive, hands-on workshop will focus on the theory and science of effective classroom management approaches and research-based behavior interventions and supports for students Prek-12 grade. Attendees will learn:

Effective school and classroom management strategies

How to use data to identify school, classroom/small groups, and individual student strengths and needs and formulate data-driven goals

How to select and implement behavior interventions and supports that work

Needs Assessment
Next Steps : 15 mins can help make a measureable difference


We invite you to complete an online Needs Assessment.
The Needs Assement can be accessed at the bottom of the homepage at:
The Need Assessment is easy to complete and takes about 15 Minutes


Think of it as:
Taking a brief pause in the action to…
Try new lens to gain some additional clarity and insights about your learning community…
Map out some potentially promising new directions for enhancing student success.

Step 1

Complete the Needs Assessment. It will help to:
  1. Summarize needs, goals, strengthens, resources, gaps and challenges…
  2. Set the stage for possibe action in the development and the implementation of new/revised plans leading to student success.

Step 2

Schedule a consultation with our team
We will reach out to set up an online/virtual consultation with you and your team.
The consultation is free.
We will strive to assist you in identifying solutions that can help you reach your goals.
Want to have an informed conversation with our research experts based on your needs? Complete our needs assessment and we’ll be in touch soon!

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